Continuing with our epic series on AKIRA:

## 1. Flickering lights

Study the flickering lights (on and off) in AKIRA:

## 2. Blade runner

Blade Runner (and almost all dystopic film) probably got inspiration from AKIRA in one way or another:

Note how beautiful this urban landscape is. Great proportions and composition. Here are some of the major shapes I see:

## 3. The future and entertainment

Unfortunately in the future, we are all just distracted by mindless entertainment:

## 4. Layers and Depth

Great opening scene, note the layers and depth in this shot:

See the depth, and composition:

Everything is perfectly sectioned-off. Note the couple on the left, the man in the top-right, the man on the top-left, the red pillar dividing the frame, the green foilage (juxtaposed against the red pillar), and our protagonist in the center-top of the frame.

## 5. Detail shot

I love this next detail shot— shot from up looking down. Note the simplicity of the shot, the colors, the lights, and the details on just the hands:

The old-school jukebox of the future:

## 6. TRON

See the inspiration that AKIRA (and the cool bikes) get from TRON.

Note the light trails:

Scenes from the old-school tron:

Scenes from the new (2010) TRON:

Learning point: there is no ‘originality’ in any cinema, film, or art. There are always borrowed ideas. It is just a matter of re-interpretation. Or how you can remix it in a novel way.

The famous motorcycle from AKIRA:

Now take a look at a TRON BIKE and see how similar they look:


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